A rare 4 set solo gig for Young Audiences in Horsham, PA. It was a nice suburban pre-K through 5 school, and the kids were lots of fun to play with and for. The space was called The Forum, and was a tiered and carpeted assembly room and I insisted that the kids come down and sit on the floor so we could get up and move.


I brought in my stool so I could sit and stay relatively fresh for the 4 sets, and got up occasionally for some playground tunes like Baby Shark. I have unfortunately lost some mobility with hip and knee ailments, as well as long trips in the Honda (Honda Hip, they say). But the four sets went well; I got to play a spectrum of songs amongst the grade levels and the time went fast, as usual.  If I could do this regularly, I could afford a new car. (The ole Honda is at 390,000 miles and goes in on Monday for rear shocks. … kinda like what my chassis is due for).


Tomorrow, a long trip to CT and back, just for the ‘L’ of it. Cool