This is another gig at a special needs school for us, and they always give back more than we give.  We were asked to do the show, but with much less talk and almost all music.  These kids are basically non-verbal, and, in most cases, confined to wheel chairs and in one-on-one with an aide.


The show worked well, especially on the heels of our loose Mayfair gig where we played off the routine and stretched out songs on the fly. Kids (and aides) were having a great time, to the best of their abilities – some kids seemed to be jumping out of their skins with the beat – and I’m sure the music went deeper than we can ever know.  It also dawned on me how the show works on the teachers, especially with the grinding effort to tend to these kids on a daily basis. the intensity must be hard, and we could see the teachers really loosen up and have a good time.  … and we, the band, get to watch the magic.


The principal said we nailed it perfectly, and that felt good to hear. Indeed, we can play for these kids and make it work for all of us.  It was good to hear the guys in the band thank the staff for having us, too. The energy in these special needs gigs works both ways.


Tomorrow, the beat goes on with 4 solo sets in Horsham, PA.