Only an hour and a half away in New Jersey, this time in downtown Trenton at a big center city elementary school.  This was part of Fun Day, or a field day for the school, with giant inflatable slides and bouncers for the kids.  We played in the gym for the older kids first and it was a flat show, too much talking and blank faces on the educational part.  Again, it wasn’t specified for us to just play dance music or do the show, and there was no guidance from the school.  We got cut short anyway as the kids headed outside.


Two hour layover.


The younger kids were the audience for the 1 pm show, and we went with the ‘shut up and play’ method and it worked very nicely.  It’s just a shame that we can’t figure this out before hand.


It was a long week with the lads, but we played well and got through the shows in good humor.  I’m proud to be with these guys.


Monday, another split day, probably another field day, though this one is two hours away on the shore.