Off to the beach for two RR’s, split between 10 am and 1 pm. Monmouth Beach is near Asbury Park and is on the Atlantic. It was hard hit by Sandy in October; in fact the kids had been out of this particular school from October until just last week.  The kids were split up and went to various regional schools, so this being a field day as well, they were ready.


The older kids – 5th through 8th – pretty much sat and took it in, and though they were polite, I really struggle to engage them.  It’s tough.  But there are always several goofy boys who get up and dance.  Though the other kids kind of chuckle at them, I love it because of their energy and lack of inhibitions. 


The little kids rocked, of course, for the afternoon session and we had a ball. It was a long travel and made for a 10 hour day, with the break in between.


More Sandy observations: The smaller houses were getting worked on in the smaller neighborhoods, but the mansions were all finished and spit-shined. One teacher told me that the funding for the small folks wouldn’t be available til July, and that they had to make deals with contractors to get started even this month, but the rich folks had little problem putting back their estates much earlier.


Solo gigs at primary schools on Tuesday and Wednesday.