My second week at this fairly large and well-established farmers’ market.  As usual, I set up amongst the vendors and started in at 9 am.  There was a 2 year old fan there as I began, with her grandmom/former K teacher, so we hit it off right off.  A nice beginning.


Over the course of the 4 hours (phew), I struck up conversations with folks as they walked by.  Chris Martin (Martin Guitar) and his family stopped by and I thanked him for his donation for my Band Aid – in fact, he was the first to donate.


As I finished up, a was given some artisan mushrooms, a nice bottle of ginger beer, a peanut butter kiffle, as well as a mandolin case filled with dollar bills.  I sold some CD’s as well, so, though its a low paying gig, the frills are nice. 


I’ll be back in two weeks.