The militant throng was fairly small at the Arts Park in Allentown today, but it was a good show.  A fairly small group of folks, but a nice, hot day.  The opening group was some High School kids in a band, and, of course, knew one of the dads.  It was cool that they got a chance to play, and the drummer was raised on Peanut Butter.  Generations.


I stepped up to do Put the Frack Back and primed the folks on presentation, giving them shakers, hand motions and call and responses. Hard work amongst few people.  But, we got it together and ran through it while other folks videoed the session.  Part of the aim was to create video to go viral, so I had that in mind.


Afterward, the Morning Call came up (both photographer and writer) to chat, and I gave my print out of the song to the reporter and talked about the folk act of borrowing from great tunes (Ray Charles, in this case) (Woodie Guthrie, in my mind), and introducing new words and ideas to learn.  The hand motions for the kenetic folks, choral responses for the others.  It worked okay.  We’ll see how this grows.


Anyway, it was good to get out and do some community rabble-rousing.