I look forward to these gigs with Kris Kehr on bass.  He’s up for most anything I play, and jumps right in and plays.  It’s nice to have folks that do that, and we both end up taking chances. 


Back inside the cavern, though there were quite a few folks there to listen so I was pleased.  Familiar faces and some new ones, with quite a few sticking it out for what is a long set of music.  Time flew and Kris and I had fun.  Mutual Admiration Society, ya know.


I’m glad Mayfair toke a look at my web site and picked out a variety of my ‘shows’, especially RockRoots and my adult one today.  It was a holiday weekend, and though the family is dispersed, I’d rather be making music. 


RockRoots hits the road on Wednesday morning for a NJ assembly. Tuesday is my vacation.