This is a concert that has been on my schedule for close to a year, and it finally happened.  It’s part of a series of local folks the church has presented for several years – The Druckenmillers, Blackwater, etc. Unfortunately, they have not had the response all of us would like. I’m disappointed with the lack of support I have for concerts, both solo adult and kids’ stuff, here in the Lehigh Valley.  Folks respect me, but don’t support the concerts.  And, I think the shows I do are worth buying tickets for.  Quality, even by my rigorous standards.


One family with kids showed up – a brother, sister and older cousin with grandparents.  The older kid was rather cool, but warmed up, and the tow other kids responded nicely, and their enthusiasm carried over into the older folks in the pews. 


The rest of the audience was mostly the elders in the congregation, and were there to have fun, and they did.  They all sang along and participated in the spirit of the situation. They were great.


This situation could have been hard for some performers, especially if the performer expected more kids.  I’m glad I can figure these gigs out – aim at the kids first, and develop some play with the adults.  It’s interesting, performance-wise, with the initial engagements with the kids, the melting of the kids’ reticence and the eventual support from the adults. It all comes from all my playing for families.


For the adults, there are meaningful moments when I talk about what I do, my philosophy, my experiences, etc. that appeals to, and entertains intelligent people. That’s what happened.  And, I know from my work with elders, they appreciate live music in general, and are a great audience that allows me great flexibility in what I do some of my signature songs that are outside the parameters of the gig.  I really appreciate their faith in my skills to participate and be involved.


The Trinity friends were gracious in presenting the show, and they were disappointed in congregations families’ lack of response.  State of the art in these new economics….


the post-concert nosh-pit featured Shark Sandwiches, lots of Peanut Butter items, and great grazing and chat after the show with many wonderful Bethlehem people.  It was good to meet with all these fine folks and reinforced my sense of community, once again.