A string of radio this week, with Sunday Folk on Sunday, The Blend on Monday and Live from Godfrey’s on Tuesday.  Almost like a job.


I did the Sunday show was in response to my missing last Sunday’s show. Ouch. The Blend on Monday was a mercy fill-in, and finally I found a comfort zone with the 3 hour show, computer entries, unfamiliar core box.  It was a big step in radio for me. 


Tuesday’s show was easier, but I got to feature the Red Clay Ramblers in the live section of the show.  As I listened to the show on the fly, I realized what a great band they were (and are). The tunes, the harmonies, the on-stage humor, the breadth of styles and instrumental virtuosity were as amazing now as back then.


Tommy Thompson was the banjo player, and it was cool to hear him again.  Tommy developed early Alzheimer’s in the 90’s and tragically declined and died in 2002. What a true gentleman, banjoist, historian/folklorist and friend of Godfrey’s! 


The show was recorded in 1981 – that’s 32 years ago, and it seems like yesterday. Amazing.