I moved outside to the Kids’ Stage, a pavilion on the southern part of the Fair Grounds.  Mayfair has moved from a very idyllic park setting to a portion of the Allentown Fairgrounds, though not without some grass and some urban charm. But a crowd is hard to come by.  Thanks to some real fans that park up front, there is always someone to play to and with. 


Cold. Windy. I asked if everyone had enjoyed the summer.  … last Tuesday. I had an hour to fill, and I was glad to be able to stretch the newer songs with the old ‘hits’ with the new stuff from Playground’. It’s really nice to have a bigger selection to choose from, and that’s part of the cross between performing and recording. One feeds the other, and refines it, as well.


A wonderful ‘echo’ was Kaitlin and her dad in the front row. She (and her dad) spent some time with me at Tallarico’s Chocolate at a First Friday months ago. She sat and played uke with me for quite a while, and we both had a lot of fun.

She was waiting up front before the show, and I remembered that connection with much delight. I blogged about it here back then, and she printed it out and framed it. Tell me, isn’t that cool?  I broke a pick and she found it on the stage, and offered back to me.  I said, “No, thanks.” But then I said to take it and put it with my blog print.  Made sense to me.  Legacy points…….


Always a life experience doing my job on this earth. Cool