I survived my 63rd birthday yesterday in style, with many good luck signs and talismans appearing during the day. Parking meters are one of those amulets.  I got away with overstaying a parking meter by Sing-Out magazine, and found 45 minutes in front of Godfrey’s when I got back. Praise the meter gods!


I met with some very, very good friends who are putting together a benefit for my health concerns, and there will be some obvious promotion of this concert shortly. I feel tremendous personal support in my community (and that radiates beyond Bethlehem exponentially), folks who care for me (and, by direct extension, Godfrey’s).  It’s powerful stuff and it helps me through my recent life correction and my more solitary moments.


The FaceBook birthday stuff is curious, and I spent too much time checking in.  But again, there were all these folks outside my ‘Fryosphere’ (a new term I just invented and will explore…) that made contact.  ….and that’s the cool thing.  Making Contact (look it up in YouTube Bruce Cockburn). Community.


I then went to Cedar Beach for a photo shoot for my Playground album with my brother Hub Willson. A sunny day, which is not a good thing, photographically) but Hub’s a pro. We picked two good places for shots, and encouraged some kids to come an sit in. We got some good shots for the project.  I learned that kids are hard to herd.  Good things happened, though.


Jaimie’s baseball team won its league’s championship on Monday.  Kim made it down to see it, and that’s very nice.  They traveled to DC as the third seed and proceeded to take 4 in a row.  The coach, Paul, is an amazing person, and I’m glad my son gets to be around this man.  He is a true professor who shapes my son’s life, and I get to witness the process.


Jaimie’s come along way in a year.  He hit bottom at the end of his freshman year, but rebounded and pulled himself together to get back to Moravian, do his school work and be an auxiliary member of the team.  .. and I don’t care if he doesn’t play.  He has a support group like my friends, he gets life experiences that will shape his future, and I get to watch.


Retired alone but happy.