Always an interesting gig at the St. James Gate pub.  Don Mayer on guitar and Kris Kehr on bass, so we rolled through our strange repertoire of folk and folk rock.  There were some folks who came in and took in a set or two, which is always surprising in a casino.  The third set featured a group who came in just we were playing Wild Rover, and they went nuts.  In fact, they requested it again later as they sat at the bar.  I agreed, since we are in a service industry.  Some nice give and take with the folks tonight, and the lads played well.


As I told Kris, I was driving over to the gig when I figured that there are two reasons why I do this gig.  1. Playing with two of my friends. 2. Money. …but in that order, though.


Late night for me and I didn’t get to bed until 4.  Too geared up.