We played a big regional catholic school in southern PA this morning.  Heavy fog, but arrived at the school in good shape.  It’s Catholic Schools Week, a perennial week of gigs at parochial schools.  They tend to spend all their arts money during this week.  This is the only one for us this year. 


600 kids packed in a large dining room (all purpose room), and it was K through 8, so a very large and diverse crowd.  The kids were great, respectful and had a good time.  The teachers were very pleased, as was the PTA woman.


I talked with Sister Beverly before the show and she said her parents had a vaudeville act when she was young.  Six family members, featuring her father on sax.  Apparently he was very good.  Her mother danced.  Quite the review.  I love these stories. 


It was cool to get a standing ovation of 600 kids at the end of the show.  It’s all worth it.