We had a RockRoots about 60 miles due east in New Providence at a ES – two shows for preK through 6th grade.  The older kids were a little sluggish in the first set, but as I remarked after a crisp Walkin’ Blues, “I can’t believe we’re doing this at 9 am on a Monday morning.”  The kids were great, the band played well and it was good to get a gig in on a Monday morning, especially with freezing rain, and schools closed back in the LV. 


I left at 7 am for the gig, and my GPS device failed, so I was scrambling when I got near town.  I followed a school bus to a ES, and asked how to get to the real one.  Nick phoned (Nick o’ time) and guided me to the gym stage.  I got set up and we started on time.


We expected freezing conditions after the gig, but it turned out to be nothing.  We have another one on Wednesday morning in Southern PA in West Brandywine.  Another early split from 4th Street.  Catholic Schools Week, though we only picked up one this year.