The sun came out today, and I headed up to Kevin’s studio for my second day of work.  I was a little bit more prepared on my kids’ stuff, so I rolled through 7 songs, some new, some old, but made some good mileage through some interesting material.  I found some short and silly songs Friend of Mine, The Gnu Song, Three Slow Snails, Put Your Finger in the Air and a jump rope bit that’s developing into something special Jelly in the Dish.  I finally got to put down Baby Shark and the Tutti Tah, as well.


I’m still having problems with speeding up in the beginnings, with respect to the click track, but Kevin’s good with giving me ways of finding the groove, and also coming up with drum tracks on the computer which give me a more comfortable way to play along. All in all, a very good session.


Kevin now can apply real drum tracks on his own time, and we’ll have my scratch vocals and guitar for other musicians to record to, and for me to eventually go back in for real guitar and vocal tracks. 


It’s really nice to hear some of the songs take shape beyond my imagination, even at this early stage.