Sunday was the annual LVMA at Steel Stacks in Bethlehem.  I decided not to attend for several reasons but was awarded Best Folk (Band/Solo) and I am honored.  I do wish that they had clued me in so I could show up, and wish they had an expanded Folk category, though the band moniker is impressive.  It is a popularity contest on some levels, and it is a regional award, so my joy is somewhat tempered.  But, sometimes it’s hard for me to say thanks, so….. thanks.


The tough thing for me is, I get to see the really, really good players here at Godfrey’s, so I am aware of the difference between players like me (and other LVMA winners), and the traveling pros – blues, jazz, vocals, songwriters, folkies, etc.  We flirt with the national folk scene, but still are relatively small town players.  I’m not so sure that some winners are aware of the difference and they strut their stuff.  It seems odd to me.


Again, I am honored, more for the spotlight it shines on Godfrey’s in the valley than for my fragile ego.  Godfrey’s did win best Open Mike and Best Jam, and my friend Dina Hall won several awards for Best Song, Community Involvement and others, and I am prouder of those awards more than mine.