GD has revamped my old Carol Sing and it was fun to do.  Not many people but a very nice array of families, a few single ladies, and some of the OM’ers in the audience.  And, Bill Hall had all the recording set up, …so we recorded.


I was tickled to have Ansel Barnum on harp for a bunch of the tunes so it was new to my ears as well. I got out my bag of rhythm instruments, especially the jingle bells, so we were all hands on.  The bluesy, gospel tunes had righteous tamborines, and the endings of each song shook!  some nice stories….


As I was walking around preshow, a little boy said, “I’m Five!”  I asked since when? and he looked confused.  His mom piped up,…. last week.  Such is time for a five year old. When I asked for people to come up and grab and instrument,no one did, so I asked if there were any five year olds to help me, and he took to the task.  It was wonderful and appropriate that he would lead the rest.


Another dad approached me in counter area, saying that his daughter was with him (in the other room) and was almost a teenager (he said that she’s been practicing for four years…) and was hoping to erase the grump that was going on.  And, I proud to say, she did a great job of being a kid again, and the dad and I exchanged some knowing glances.


One woman had seen me at the Advent event last week, gotten the sampler CD and a free ticket and showed up for the show.  As I talked with her, she raved about the diversity of the project (I always forget how good these CD’s are..) and loved theBear Hunt.  That took me by surprise, in that it is a kids ‘song’.  She loved the special effects and sounds that I had put on them, and, again, made me realize that I have some good stuff on record.


Another older lady was there, also by herself, and seemed to enjoy the singing and the show.  She commented that it was her first time in GD’s and really enjoyed the singing.  I encouraged her to come to other shows, and I know she will.  Another break through.


I was somewhat sloppy with the words, here and there, but all in all a warm and presentable show, with families and friends and some single folk spending the time together in song.