Steppin’ Out! gathered together for the second time in 30 years for another fest, and it was swell.  We had a couple of rehearsals, and still were not perfect, but, for some of us, that’s how we operate.  A nicely full house with some fans from the past (which means intelligent listeners) and they picked up on all the good stuff…and we continue to be funny with extemporanious banter and play righteous music.  Its the glue for a good show.


Some nice moments.  I tangoed with a fine woman who let me tilt her back at the end for Walking Stick.  Reid had some fine ‘Buzzy’ vocal moments, especially on You Got What It Takes.  Jeff’s drumming and vocals on the R&R, Chris’s right-on steel, Hub’s piano and stage presence, and Denny’s bass were all fine. I had to behave myself  lyrically with Jeff’s grandson in the audience, but that was okay. It was a show, and a good one, at that. 


I gave away my 45 record of Zombie Jamboree and Clinch MT. so it was nice to play both of them.   And I got to acknowledge Martin Guitars support of GD’s with its grant of $5000.   Clinch Mt. was cool, with Reid leaving the universe for a while, and Hub on his primal drums.  Good give and take and great exploration.


I wish that my son Jaimie had been here, but he has an anniversary date with his girl friend, and that counts for a lot in my book. 


This band remains my favorite band in many ways.  The amazing musical talent, the diversity of styles, the intellectual challenge of keeping up with these guys on stage (when it really counts), the ability to hear my songs in full tilt sound, the cool arrangements, and, most importantly, the brotherly love that flows amongst us.  This is powerful stuff, and the audience recognizes all this stuff.  …and it’s why we are such a good band.


It’s hard work, workin’ as a band.  But it’s the best when it works.