Christkindlemarkt, a holiday fair in Bethlehem opened up a week early this year, and I got an early Saturday slot from 11:30 am til 2 pm.  I had broken out the material a few days ago and brushed up on keys and verses and arrangements, so I was fairly well prepared for the gig.  I actually have a good repertoire of interesting songs that fit my style, so I had a good time.


A familiar family showed up before I even started, with Connor, the son, ready to play along, as he has for three years now.  He particularly likes to come up on stage to play, and this time he brought his younger sister along for the experience.  They, in turn, drew other kids up, and all the young ‘uns make for an interesting tableau for the older folks sitting in the audience as they eat lunch and listen.  It’s all part of the show, and I’m glad that the family aspect fits well with the season and my sets. 


I have another one next Saturday, and then that’s it for KKmarkt for the year.