It was an overcast day for the Growers’ Market on Wednesday, and the contact called to see if I still wanted to make it.  I need the money.  I’ll be there.  and I want to play music. 


At least, the two vendors were glad I showed up, one native flower lady and a vegetable man.  It’s a shame this one isn’t popular – it’s in a beautiful space in an urban setting, lots of grass and sky, between the Art Museum and Symphony Hall, a great plaza….  so I played for the vendors and they loved it.


All of a sudden a troop of kids tumbled onto the green and started to dance on the grass.  My friends from Grace Montessori stop over every lunch time, so we broke out the instruments and played and played and played.  They made my day. …. and I got paid.


I dropped off my Liberty Bell instrumental to the LB Museum on my way back home.


Fine Arts stuff on Friday.