I was all geared up for the ceremonies at Moravian on Thursday night.  I received the Artist of the Year award, and the Payne Gallery was filled with arts figures and several Godfrey’s friends as well.  Jaimie was there, and, to my delight, Rosalie surprised me by coming in from CT.  Pictures for the paper (not that I need any more press this week).  Nice compliments from folks, as well as several ‘its about *&#$ing time’ remarks, as well.


I prepared a thank you speech that I had sweated out over several sleepless nights, and got into a fairly short form.  I’ll post it shortly here.  It went well, and had several humorous and philosophical moments, especially the ‘Music Industrial Complex’ remark that was picked up by the mayor who later said, ‘Why can’t we all just be friends?’  He took it as it was intentioned, a humorous but true jab.  I mentioned all the right folks and ended with my Goth story.  A different stage, but a stage, none the less.  I pulled it off.


It was nice to be acknowledged for both Godfrey’s and my performance art by the greater arts scene.  I got a nice proclamation from the state and glass tile hanging that is one of a kind. 


Rosalie, Jaimie and Tom Walz and Ansel Barnum and I went to Zapata’s for some food afterwards, and it was a good way to come back down after the pomp.