Tonight’s open mike had the theme Spooky Songs and a $50 prize for the best.  I thought I had a good chance doing Giants until an elderly gentleman playing a nylon string guitar came up and did some stage patter and a Phil Harris tune and I knew this guy was a professional.  More jokes and he lit it up with Tom Lehrer’s Poisoning Pigeons in the Park, and I knew I was in trouble.  The folks loved him and the song, nicely rendered. 


I played Evil Twin as a warm up, brought out my waldzither for a set of tunes, and finished up with Giants.  I did it justice and folks spooked along.  I did my best.  I had a chance.


Well, the old gent won the $50 with a great song nicely rendered.  I think my non-amateur status hurt me and left somewhat disgruntled, especially since I really need the money these days.  But so it goes and I understand the voting by the audience.  Eventually, I’ll be that guy, surprising folks with my geezer skills. 


I learn from every gig, and appreciate the humble pie.