Crack o’ dawn from Northford to West Hartford for another three hour open-air market in a parking lot in the upscale neighborhood.  The first time was okay, but tough on the tips.  (This is another underbid gig)  Today was nicer.  Again, the vendors recognized me for what I did last time, so it was comfortable from the beginning.  The time passed quickly, with some surprising guests stopping by, including several fellow OM comrades.  Kids playing instruments, toying with the rain stick, exploring the bag o’ noise. Dad’s singing with kids, toddlers dancing, and lots of adults watching the action.  Hey, who said vaudeville ever died?..  (I could use a monkey, though…)


I got a free tomato and a hot pepper from a vendor, and paid in cash.  cool….


Tips: Lots of George’s ($1’s) but I had a good time, and spent quality time playing live music.  I learn from each and every one of these.  It keeps me on my game.


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