Our first gig of the new school year!  We had a great, though sweaty, gig on Friday at the Friends School in Moorestown, NJ on Friday.  Stairs, elevators, etc.  But it turned out to be a great gig in front of 300 kids (5th – 8th grades) in very short time.  We were told that we had 30 minutes to do a 50 minute show.  So, we jumped in.


School auditoriums should be banned on the second floor.  Too much pre-gig sweat.


Turned out we had 40 minutes (after the fact), but I pushed the show as best I could, and it turned out great.  The kids were really responsive, and the band connected, as usual.  Really…. these guys are great, gig after gig, day after day.  They can read my intentions as they develop, and respond professionally.  What more can I say?


A long day on the road, but nice to be back on it. Laughing