I’m cleaning up my obligations for the Liberty Bell project.  I’ve written, performed, recorded the song ‘The Ballad of the Jubilee Bell’, but still needed an instrumental version for potential sing-alongs.  So, my friend Gar Davison came by to help me out, playing the guitar version through my headphones and my playing mandolin to the cut.  Hopefully, I can merge the two into a nice version of the song.


What’s cool about all this….  I was offered an opportunity to write a song for the Liberty Bell Museum.  I did, and I presented it, and I recorded it, and now it will be available to LV 3rd grade students as part of their history lessons on LV history.


The session was cool.  I had gotten up at 6:30 am to play along on mandolin with the CD of the guitar part, worked it out and headed back to bed.  I got up and worked some more, found some interesting details.  When we finally got down to recording the piece, I nailed it on the first take, and that was the one we kept.


Sho nuff.


….another notch on the ole belt….