We played out final set of the 2012 Dawg Reunion Tour at noon at Volksplatz today.  Great sound from some familiar soundfolks, and quite a few folks out to see us at such a strange hour.  Kris was getting lost trying to find the stage, but we managed to get the show launched in time. 


It was a pretty sturdy set, with some weaknesses, but a generally tight and focused effort.  The on stage banter was good with Jesse’s comments from the ether, and my general bemused outlook.  I did mention that it was interesting to see people out there drinking beer on a Monday noon, when it was pointed out to me that it was Tuesday.  …..a very funny moment for all.


Seems we finally got relaxed on stage in time to breakup again.  But, it has been a treat to work on my mandolin chops in new keys.  I’m not a hot licks guy on the instrument but its a whole lot of fun to play for an entire set.  Besides, Jesse and Mike are the flashes in the band, and Kris and I like to support their talents.


Nice to run into Seamus Kennedy in the audience and catch up.  Nice to see so many familiar faces and fans of the band.  A good day.


Tomorrow, back to Northford, CT for a family show at my former local library.