I played a good set this evening, rounding out a busy Musikfest.  Nice to see familiar faces, including a Mom and her daughter (now in her late 20’s) who have been coming to see me for quite a while.  I’m quite amazed at how deep these connections go, moms raising kids on my music, and then the kids raising their kids on it, as well.  It makes it a little bit better to repeat all these songs,  knowing that history. 


I remarked that it was the last of three gigs in 24 hours, and there was a great moment when I spaced out during Bear Hunt (grass, river, mud…who knows?) and mentioned that I had done at the Sands Casino the night before.   As if….


Again, it is remarkable that so many adults show up at these family gigs, especially at Musikfest, to see me play for and with the kids (I got the best seat in the house).  But then, it is great theater watching the kids dance and react with me and each other. It is theater, after all.


Musikfest family shows remain an annual artistic touchstone for me, pacing through the years with old friends and new kids along the way. It’s hard to think of what I do as a show, cause I’m just playing with the folks.