There’s an interesting dichotomy generally with children’s performers, Tom Chapin being one.  He is a wonderful adult folk performer but often is ignored as such because of his brilliance as a family performer.  I had the opportunity to experience that today at Musikfest for my noon show at Liederplatz. 


I opened the Godfrey’s day with my good friends Kris Kehr on bass, and Ansel Barnum on harp.  Though they had never met, I knew this would work well.  They both have great ears and can adapt on the fly.  I was not disappointed.  The energy and craft was superb.  We rambled through my recent works, Ansel often brilliant in his leads, Kris with his excellent support and my usual fine rhythm guitar (seriously, it’s what I do well).  Folk, blues, R&B and my usual stuff. 


Kris and I did Irish Spring on mando and bass and it was fun and a surprise to the audience.  Ansel’s harp solo’s were, as always, tasteful and right on.  And his solo piece was classical, folk, blues and experimental, all at the same time. I had a good time jiving with the audience, with ‘the next President of the US’ intros sprinkled in (a nod to Mitt).  I was pleased with the full sound we came up with, and each of our antennae were up.  Yes, it felt very good.


The performer following us was Mike Cross, a folk performer of national respect, and who’s opinion I also really respect (actually having him in the audience was an immediate challenge). Mike gave me some powerful compliments after his show.  He loved Ansel’s solo on ‘ It’ll be Me’, in particular, and liked the way we played off each other.  It only added to my good feelings about the gig.


More to follow – the flip side.