There is a new and beautiful park in Allentown – Arts Park with fountains, grass, flowers, brick walkways and situated between Symphony Hall and the Art Museum.  Wonderful.  The Downtown A’town folks have moved the Growers’ Mkt there on Wednesday afternoons with a pretty nice selection of live music.  this was my first of the season. Unfortunately they haven’t found a critical mass of vendors.  Today, one flower stand, one vegetable stand and the lavender lady.  Not much action and that’s sad, considering the great space.


I had a good time with some kids and their moms, and the vendors and some lunch munchers (…How ’bout them lunch munchers, ain’t they dandy?….)  It was a beautiful day. 


Symphony Hall was there with their outreach program for kids – a Petting Zoo for instruments, with an array of a violin, small harp and percussion instruments.  I ran into one of the folks at the 250th this spring, and complimented them on their effort.  “Put the instruments into the kids’ hands.”  It’s the first step, and a big one, at that.  I learned that a few years ago in PASELA, and it changed my thinking in working with kids.


Late summer doldrums setting in, with fewer gigs. Time to work on booking and new album material. Cool