This is another very nice gig that I do annually as part of a lunchtime series of concerts.  I think I’m the only solo performer in the series, so I cherish that fact, in that what I do is big enough for this. 


It was a hot one, but some folks came out, and a bunch of kids were running under the accessible and kids-friendly fountains (a very nice urban art design).  The local Montessory School kids came out and frolicked about, some curious adults and friends from my Cannon’s Bar gigs came out, and various groups of tagged business people strolled past on their way to someplace else.  I commented that I hope I never get tagged – too much like an endangered turtle.


I welcome these opportunities to play for the general public, observe, comment, and practice my songs,… oh yeah, and get paid nicely for it.


Tomorrow, Macungie.