I hit the road at 6:30 this morning (not as early as yesterday) for Mays Landing, near Atlantic City for an annual summer gig at a large (county-wide) Special Needs School with RockRoots.  It’s a great gig – first of all, it’s a summer gig for RR (tough to come by) – and, most importantly, the folks really, really appreciate our show/music.  A gym full of special needs kids, from pre-K to teens, and their very dedicated teachers.  Many, many different handicaps, but we get to share this precious and safe time to make music, dance, move, sing, laugh, play egg shakers….. enjoy this community in its diversity and humanity.  We musicians will never know the impact of what we do.  We can only share the moments of joy with the kids, pack up and drive home.  This is powerful stuff.


Back to Bedlam to recoup for tonight’s gig at the Casino.  part one done.