Another early mad trek to CT and back, this time for my annual visit to a great caring camp for special needs kids in Milford, CT.   The kids (and counselors) know my stuff, they always look forward to my visit.  That makes the trip worthwhile.  


90 degrees, plus today so we gathered again in the gym:  Monkeys, Hyenas, Dolphins, Tigers, Hurricanes, Tornadoes and counselors.   I do tend to repeat myself at this gig, but, in a way, I have to play my hits.  I did play a few new ones and got out my bag ‘o toys for the first time with these kids, and, thankfully, had barely enough to go around for a gym full of kids.  Good lesson learned on my part.


Though these kids aren’t as physically disabled as some groups, its great to the whole community get up and celebrate in song and dance, in a safe and wonderful way. Its great to be the catalyst for these events. 


Long drive home.  270 miles, 168 smiles.


Camp Happiness.  How cool is that to have on my resume?