This is the date circled in my gig book.  Summer hippie fest in a cornfield.


Father Folk  is a self-contained music bash amongst friend and families in a wonderful grove, sound stage and fresh spring south of Reading.  My friend and former Sheik Bob Flower turned me on to this gathering four years ago, and I have returned ‘religiously’ since.  Word of mouth only, so thems that care, share.


It turns out to be a very nice listening audience, and is worth the trip every time.  Free t-shirt, no money, no CD sales, but a very satisfying gig.  My friend Jack Murray made his first visit to the stage and was gracious to allow me to back him up in his set. 


I had a later set at 5 and had a good time, though shortened, and played my good stuff for the folks.  Connected with folks from the last few years, and heard some ‘new’ old folks playing for the love of it.  and, isn’t it what its all about? 


Grounding, once a year, at Father Folk. 


Tomorrow, Coopersburg Community Festival.