I had one of those wonderful gigs with little folk and their wonderful teachers this morning at a small inner city Catholic school in Allentown.  Pre-K and K plus some other neighborhood child care folks.  It was remarkable in the difference between the two ages, as far as reaction, sing-along ability, but still there’s so much there for both stages (as if there’s real levels) to absorb.  These are the real fun gigs where I get to observe – it really is a laboratory for me, and I love the science of it all.  Really.


The folks gave me a free ticket to the Iron Pigs baseball game, since the rest of the school was going to this 10:30 am pro ball game.  It was rainy, but I checked it out anyway.  A jumping stadium of kids and hardcore fans being at the ballpark on a Wednesday morning.  How cool is that?  The rain got to me, but there was no way they were going to postpone this game with buses of kids in  the place.  I headed out, listened to it on the radio, and did some chores around town.


Tomorrow, meet with Lehigh University folks about Godfrey’s archives.