I returned to this fine K Center in Phillipsburg today for a follow-up session with ~ 450 kids.  Familiar faces this time, and they wanted to hear Cat Came Back and Peanut Butter.  No surprise there.  But they were ready before I was.


The coordinator wanted some different stuff, so I based the show on different instruments, so I brought my banjo, guitar, mandolin and my purple Strat.  Big eyes when I brought that out. I started out with my ‘rainstorm’ of claps (Baby Bear, Momma and Papa sounds), brought out my rain stick.  I asked what could be inside it, and I got … water, beads, stones, bugs, jimmies, etc.  Nice thinking.


What I enjoyed was four lab sessions with these kids, exploring ways to talk about the instruments in an informative and fun way.  Learning moments for us all. 


Tomorrow, off to the FloGris Museum in CT for two shows, and a picking gathering at Ron’s in the evening.