RockRoots headed to southern PA for two assemblies for an academy in Coatesville.  (45% black, 45% Hispanic, 10% white).  I arrived at what seemed to be an industrial area, and looked around.  I finally found an arrow on a fancy sign to the school.  It was left end of a factory, a group that makes armor for Humvees abroad.  And it was, essentially, converted business offices.  Very spacious.


Friendly folks got us set up in the ‘all purpose’ room, and we proceeded to play a fine first assembly for the K – 3rd graders.  The floor actually deflected during the last song.  Never felt that before in a school, at least.


We took the break before the next assembly, when the principal said that the business people downstairs couldn’t get any work done, and asked (told) the school to not do it again…..  Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to relocate (Kevin off to Ocean City) so we had to pack up and leave.  We’ll return this spring.