One of our best RR audiences today, a mere four blocks from the Atlantic.  It was one afternoon show for 250 kids at a K – 8 school – that’s always quite a stretch of ages for an assembly – but not really a problem for the RR show.  There’s plenty there for each grade level, and the little kids just love to dance.  Mike Stengel sat in on guitar for Donnie, and did a great job with the show.  He boned up on a CD of the show and carried through marvelously.  We have a stable of guitarists, drummers and bassists that fill in for the lads, and I’m truly amazed with the professionality of these cats who latch on to a fairly sophisticated and tight show.  And the flexiblity of Kevin, Don and Nick when someone sits in. 


Theatrically, I have to keep my attention on the audience and the script/show so it’s great not to have to keep my mind on the new players.  Mike made it mindless for me, and that’s great.


The assembly was in a small basement gym that with surprisingly good acoustics (rare), and the kids pack into tight bleachers.  Even the upper grades were very responsive (again, rare), and we had a great time.


I took time out to see the ocean as I left town.  Something about the shore.