I’ve been staying at Ron Anthony’s between CT gigs – real oatmeal in the mornings – thanks, Susan – and the lads scheduled a kitchen jam for Thursday night.  It’s always a mix of friends, cool instruments and fine playing.  At one point we had 5 Martins roaring at the same time, including a lefty 7-string Martin (don’t pass the guitars around tonight…), two D-45’s, and my Macheche.  My tiny guitar drowned them out, and the lads commented that it was my banging ‘technique’ that makes the difference.  Neighbor Pete Prizzi was in da house, Ron, Denny (on acoustic bass and occasional guitar), Bill Morrell (da lefty), Scott on the dobro, and Frank Pergola on mando and guitar. 


I got a good chance to bring out my banjo and mandolin and noodle behind some country tunes.  Everly Bros. early on, some Paul Siebel from me, Ron’s originals, Beatles (of course), and Scott proved to be a big surprise on dobro.  Nice player who knows when to listen first.  Whoa!


We ordered pizza from the Northford pizzaria, and the young delivery dude brought it in, and I said, “You gotta play a song first….”  And he did.  He took Ron’s guitar, sat on the stool, and played some of a neat pop song, dropped the pick in the guitar.  I said, “That’s your tip, and you have to get it out with your tongue.”  He got a big tip from us all, and was great moment.


Friends playing music for each other and with each other.  That’s pretty deep connections.  Great mutual respect, bawdy humor, tales from the road.  Seems the Nutmeg Ramblers has become a CT phenomenon now.  Cool.


good for the soul.