I had a fine, yet challenging 5 pm gig at the Levi Coe Library in rural CT, not far from my old home grounds.  It was booked as a family blanket concert in the new Lucia Ginter children’s library.  Lucia was a librarian for this rural library for 30 years, and, as I found out, taught piano afterwards. 


The space was in warm greens, with open bins of books at kid level (instead of in shelves), new play rug and some great librarians, volunteers and mixed audience of families, library patrons and some ‘odd’ sorts. 


It was a tough situation in some respects.  Some folks brought food (which was encouraged) so sing-alongs were strained early on.  And chatter developed towards the end amongst the adults in the back.  (It’s the old put the kids in front of the TV attitude). The children’s librarian backed me up on that one.


There were several older folks (un-family age, I guessed) who actually were engaged and entertained.  I was curious so I approached the one elderly gentleman, and said I appreciated he got involved.  He then told me he was the husband of Lucia, and he had a real good time.  Lucia’s son was there as well.  It made the evening much more special.


These connections run deep, and music brings it out.