I knew I would be up against the clock to make from Madison to Manchester in  an hour, but I had let the Cheney Hall folks know I might be a little late, and I was to go on second in the first set.  7 pm show time, and I got there at 7:10, and Trainwreck was on already.  I hustled back stage to madly tune and find my way to the wings of the stage.  Jerry (TW) finished up and introduced me, and there I was, main stage folk music, lights and sound.  I said to myself, “Self? How do you manager to do this to yourself???”


Three song, 15 minute sets are curious and wonderful as well.  You know you have to start strong, play with the folks, and end strong.  … and then you’re done.  cool.  and leave then wanting more, as some friends remarked later.


Barnyard Dance continues to be a great opener, with an easy shuffle, interesting chord patterns, great lyrics, and mouth trombone.  I’m splitting the trombone with the audience recently, and tonight, the crowd (w/ Eric P leading the way) took a chance and did it.  Cool.


Giants is a treat to play for any audience, and tonight was special cause The Author was in the house, Kent Aldrich, sitting in the back.  The back and forth is nice and loose, and the crowd has fun, and so do I.   Again, communication.


I took a chance with Smoking Babies as my strong finish.  It succeeds on several levels.  It’s a strong guitar song, it’s really different from the kids and family material, and is provocative.  It is simply a joy to play and watch the reaction.  Priceless.


The rest of the evening was a chance to reconnect with my CT acoustic Family of Friends, the title of the evening.  Ron Anthony, Eric Paradine, Knott Brothers (Denny and Jim), Nina, Kent (a surprise appearance), Trainwreck Jerry, and some other familiar folkies.  A good visit in my new status as CT exile.  Stan Sullivan did well at the Kerreville Pickin contest, Chaney Hall made $1000 as a benefit, my friends played on a big time stage, I sold 3 CD’s for NJ gas, and I played for friends and some new ears in a fine venue.  A good night


Phillies lost, though.