I booked a doubleheader in CT for Friday, with the Madison Farmers’ Market as a kick off at 3 pm.  The travel from PA was spotty, and I got there about 3:05, but with no sound system, guitar, mandolin, chair I was up and running shortly.


I have some fans (girls in tutu’s, no less) that stop by when I’m there, as well as a gentleman who works at the nearby Stop and Shop who comes by to jig.  Kids stop and play, folks drift by with fresh carrots and flowers, and sit and play.


The sun was low today, in comparison with the other monthly gigs, but its great to play outdoors in this special situation.  I stretch my material out, try old and forgotten tunes, and make contact with people.  Cheese man gave me a chunka cheese, too.


Off to Manchester for the Cheney Hall concert…. Another ‘nick o’ time’ production.