We played two sets in Jamesburg, NJ for a K – 3 school.  It was a good way to start out the school year for us …. seeing  that we are not used to getting up early, etc.  I was actually amazed that I had the ‘show’ internalized and it was comfortable (DNA ingrained) after several months off.  And the lads were right behind me …. and got to the gig on time.  All very remarkable.


Both shows had special needs kids in the back in the gym, but the second show had a 3rd grader who had to dance, and, on every tune…..  It was very cool, and we connected on ‘Charlie Stone’, with him sharing my mouth trombone and his movements.  He wore out his teachers. To share his learning difference with the whole school is a magical moment.  His freedom is an art.  Perhaps the other kids wish they had his freedom.


I am so proud to work with Nick, Donnie and Kevin on these gigs.  We play for and enthuse hundreds of kids and teachers before 12 noon during the every week in the school year.  We get paid, yes, but we make a difference in our communities.