My friend and fellow RockRooter Don Mayer had a Blues Jam outside of Hellertown on Saturday night.  I headed out for a late night (for me), and it was good, in several ways. 


I got to listen to Donnie’s tight trio, and witness how much he loves to play.  and that includes his great rhythm guitar chops (I’m impressed…), and his quick wits on lead.  


Mary Hawkins came up and did some mighty fine vocals.  (Don went to Memphis with her for the Blues Championships…).  Don called me up for two tunes before he took a break.  We did ‘It’ll Be Me’ and ‘Pay Bo Diddley’ with some great moments, especially Mitch’s bass break.  Mitch thanked me later on, but it was good theater.  Tony, the drummer, came up afterwards and said he liked ‘It’ll Be Me’.  Again, it got the musicians’ attention, and that’s what’s all about, really.


The Phillies clinched later on, at the bar, so it was a very good night.