As always, the Madison Green presents interesting situations, as I play for three hours under a tree with not sound system.  It was very early fall, and with the wake of Irene – sticks everywhere = things were slower.  Nice interaction with people, especially the kids, and I love the process and the creativity it demands to keep it real.  I love it when a familiar kid comes right up and grabs a tamborine, to the amazement of passers-by.  But even more fun is exploring new kids’ curiosity, then developing a musical relationship. 


One older (5th grade?) got his little cousin to play a shaker, but was a little distant.  He brought up that he had sung one of the songs I sang in his school chorus.  He then brought up a bunch of folk songs (Grand Ole Flag, Yankee Doodle, etc.) and we proceeded to do them, as I gave him room to sing on his own.  (which he did).  Then he hit a nerve…”Do you know the Cat Came Back?”  Boing…..  He added a bass run that he was used to do, which I added to the arrangement.  Very cool.


I got a $2 bill from a gentleman as a tip.  I also got two shiny pennies from a woman, who gave them to the two 10 year girls with her, and instructed them to put it in my mandolin case.  Only in Madison.  But it’s all a part of the gig.  Curious, always curious…..