Or, at least it seemed like it.  I finagled a Saturday Night at the Buttonwood Tree, a club along the lines of GD’s, and one I’ve played open mikes and kid shows.  I twisted Ron Anthony’s arm and I got a co-bill.  I opened, since Ron has seniority there, but I like going first.  Too bad it still takes me a couple of songs to settle, but I found a grove, rambled on my musical travels, audiences, etc.  I played a waltz and polka on the mandolin, and picked it up later for Voodoo Chile.  It really breaks up a set.  I played well.


I made the comment about New England audiences’ reticence to respond visually and vocally, leaving me to guess if I’m getting through.  After wrassling with a John Gorka audience at Roaring Brook, a person came up afterward and said, “You were really good.” 


After the show, several strangers and good friends came up and said, “You were really good.”  Right on.


There was a full house – a mixture of older folks, some young couples, and some very good friends from my open mike travels in CT.  Now, it’s a fact that open mikers are notorious for not supporting fellow artists on their own nights. But tonight brought out Jim, Stan, Bill, Rick, Patch, Con, Ned, Frank, and,of course Ron and Denny, on bass. 


Ron played a long set, and we finished up with a Nutmeg Rambler set of tunes.  A long night but a good chance to play for the people I care for, the friends out bangin’ that thang at open mikes.  It’s as good, and as tough an audience that there is.


I was good.