RockRoots played two shows at an inner city Trenton school, “old school”, said one teacher, “lots of stairs, and no fresh air”.  Yes, we were on the third floor of this old school, with an old auditorium, but lots of fresh little kids.


The first show was for K – 3rd grade, and frankly were just glad to be there.  Pretty noisy and rambunctiousness, but to be expected for the age unfamiliarity with large gatherings like assemblies.  Anyway, the teachers led the way and got involved, and it was a fun show, though less informative.  but, what the hey!


The second show was for 4th – 6th, and we got our info for a really good show.  The kids were great, as were the teachers.


Then down the fire escape to the cars and a long drive back the the LV through traffic. 


We used to play more inner city schools, but they need all funding they can get.  YANJ helped them out on this one.