Two shows in NJ today, starting at 10 am in Little Falls for a MS show for 5th, 6th, 7th grades.  The kids were very cool, some coming up afterwards to check in.   Kevin broke a snare head during the show, added some duct tape to finish out the set, then stuck his sticks into the head like salad forks.  He has a shot of the poor thing on FaceBook


Off to a 2 pm show in Wyckoff, a mere 15 miles away.  It was Americana theme day, and we were the big finish.  and we were.   The kids were all dressed up in red, white and blue, and many parents who had helped out during the day were there, too.  All up and dancing at the end.


The principal thanked us, and told the crowd that we were the best assembly she had seen in her decades of work in the school.  You know, that’s really cool, and I think it’s true.  It has all the info, music, theater, community-engaging tools in it – that is the reason it works so well. 


600 + kids, 100 adults and four guys in a band.  Good day…