I had an early morning out of Bethlehem for a strange booking for YANJ: two ES schools, a mile separated, for an 8:30 show and then a schlep to the other school for a 10 am show.  I wasn’t sure I could do it, but I’m not one to admit it.  So, pre-dawn its up, up and away to Marlboro Twsp. in somewhere NJ. 


Heavy rain and lots of mud at the school.  Loaded in and was ready for the first show.  I did a lively set for the 1st and 2nd grades at the first school.  With my eye on the clock, I finished at 9:20, pack up and off to the second school.  Thanks to the custodian at the second school, I was loaded in and set up by 9:40.  Sheesh.  I couldn’t believe it.


The second set was for K and some 1st grades, and they were, of course, delightful.  And, as I check the clock when I started back to B’lam, it was 11:05 AM.  That’s right, AM. 


Back to Bethlehem to re-coop, catch Steve Forbert at GD’s, and home to CT on Saturday. 


Miles and smiles.Laughing