I made it back to Orange St. School for a second of two shows, this time the 1st and 2nd graders.  They were a lively bunch, much more lively than the teachers, who had a case of the Last Monday in February Blues.  They were dragging. 


In fact, I was draggin’, too.  But the wonder of my art is, I can count on the kids, and the challenge of playing with them (250 today), and appeal to the teachers, too, make the time go fast.



My thanks to Arlene ( from Camp Happiness, a summer camp for special needs kids) for helping me get this gig.  She works in this school with similarly challenged kids.


I was quite embarrassed when I was there earlier this month.  My business contact for C. Happiness is Terri V.  But my on the job contact has been Arlene, and I assume she was Terry.  I somehow didn’t know they were two separate women.


In the assembly I referred to A as Terri, and the whole room looked at me, “Whoops…”  I was quite humbled, and admitted so.  But Arlene greeted me at the door today with a smile.  She’s a kind-hearted woman…Embarassed