I headed out of Bethlehem early for Blackwood, NJ (outside of Philly), and got to see the Philly skyline in its morning splendor.  I was booked for another pre-K and K assembly at 10 am and then 1:30 pm.  Two sets of kids (am and pm groups) but with the same set of teachers, so I’m glad I have lots of material, for their sake. I play hard to the kids, but am aware of the teachers’ reactions.


I was in a cavernous cafeteria, and, with only 75 kids a show, I didn’t bring my sound system, but it worked out nicely.  I stayed away from playing from the stage area to the big room, and set up along a smaller space.  Worked out fine.  The kids gave me lots of energy, and the teachers do get into it, especially when I single them out to participate.  And they do. 


It’s funny how these events spill into the other parts of the school community.  The lunch room ladies get involved.  Today, the principal did the Tooty Tah with the kids, and the lady custodian had a great time in the back for both shows.  And I didn’t have to set up my sound system, or pay for the gas to carry it to South Jersey. 


And I’ll get paid in a week.


Tomorrow, RockRoots in West Orange, NJ for an afternoon show.  smooth….